We had the pleasure of creating a unique little jungle forest feeling plan from conception to life whilst traveling with The/Das during their Mexico tour. It was a very special collaboration with Boiler Room, and we can only hope to see more of their happenings incorporating set design, performance art and the awakening of all five senses.

 Here are some clippings from our concept and a few behind the scenes images to tide you over until the video footage gets released.

Special thanks to the whole BR latin american team (especially Juan and Jon our knights in shining armor!) Juliana the sweetest kitten and Viridiana from Mi Pequeño Jardín who supplied all the living plants and helped to build the installations.


We had the pleasure to shoot dear Mr. Fox, otherwise know as VISUALS, in our studio some months ago with an assortment of our favorite Impossible Project film.

Very special thanks to BAERCK and UY for the wonderful styling and our muses Chanty, Val and  Lea for rocking some nice body positioning*

here's a Visual's session just recorded recently at  Berlin Community Radio


our new year's collaboration with Future Eyes and Impossible HQ
Our team built an interactive set design inspired by the late great Dr. Hunter S Thompson and invited guests to wear a pair of kalediscopic beauties and take in the twisted reality surrounding them.
 During this experience we took a polaroid of the happening and asked the subject of our portrait to write down their own prediction of the future on Impossible film.

set design assistance from Aniko & Bene
performances by Josa and Val
magical glasses by FUTURE EYES
photos and well wished wishes by Kieran & Brent