behind the scenes of our sonar adventures
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We live in an everyday life of excess and waste. Sometimes this feeling gets overwhelming when building creative concepts and event installations. Things being bought + twisted + hustled around in order to create something others see as *art*

It is indeed a refreshing experience to spend our days here scavenging. Much of the nostalgic pieces from Arma17's history lay in a storage near by and we found our favorite memory today. Plus the fact that whilst cleaning the location the organizers saved all the bits and pieces of found objects- rusty machine parts fast become treasures to be collected and shown in a new light. Rotting and broken pieces of wood become bridges ! We moved studios recently and even saved some old polaroid photocopies to include a little slice of our past...

 An apple tree's branch  broke and was quickly appropriated for a taste of nature inside our abandoned building. A peaceful sunset was spent collected meadow flowers for our hanging gardens... This approach to a festival build up combines destruction with rebirth and that makes for a special mood++

O U T L I N E FESTIVAL sneaking and peaking

Our dear friends from Arma17 have launched a new festival called OUTLINE

We have been invited to join in building up some installations and set design within their magical landscape and the first tour of the property yesterday was intoxicating to say the least.

They spent one month lovingly preparing the site, abandoned houses with canopy creeping inside curve around a meadow with many of the stages slowly being discovered and you crawl deeper inside the forest.

Yesterday we found wild cats as we collected wild flowers. We watched partner in crime Marie Alice of CROCODILOPOLIS play with giant rusted machines for her future installation. And we explored the woodlands that will become our playground the next week.

Here is a sneak peak at Day One of our preparations::